Flat Ronnie Spotted in Iraq, South Korea, Dubai, and Beyond

World traveler Global Gaz made the scowling cardboard cutout his companion

December 22, 2016
Photo: GlobalGaz

Experienced traveler “Global Gaz” is on a mission to visit all 193 countries in the world and he’s taking Flat Ronnie along with him! The life-sized cutout of Stern Show security guard Ronnie Mund has already been taken to Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

“I was once a corporate drone, but got laid off one too many times which propelled me on my life of travel,” Gaz explains on his website. “After a final layoff in the fall of 2008 after Lehman Brothers imploded, I never looked back.”

While Gaz has already passed the hundred-country mark with a recent trip to Kurdistan, Iraq, Flat Ronnie has just begun his journey. Check out a few of the places they’ve traveled thus far (below).


Photo: GlobalGaz

South Korea

Photo: GlobalGaz


Photo: GlobalGaz


Photo: GlobalGaz

See all of the photos from Global Gaz and Flat Ronnie’s journey together here.

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