Celebrate Richard Christy's Birthday - And April Fools' Day - With 5 Classic Phony Phone Calls

On his 42nd birthday, we honor our faaaaavorite April fool

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

On April 1, 1974 the gods smiled upon humanity – and then slightly giggled – as Richard Christy entered this world.

It certainly must've been kismet that the future Stern Show staffer was born on the funniest day of the year – April Fools' Day. After all, how could it be a coincidence that one of the world's greatest prank callers started life on a day notorious for jokes and hoaxes? The answer is simple: Richard was born to be an old, southern woman named Esther whose sole purpose is to make us laugh.

To honor the lovable red-headed, ass-chugging, drum-banging Kansan, we assembled a few of our favorite phony phone calls featuring Richard.

Happy birthday, Bub!