Samantha Fontana Plans on Eating Her Own Placenta

“I would love to do chunks for a smoothie,” pregnant Stern Show staffer tells Howard

April 9, 2024

When Samantha Fontana gives birth soon to her third child, she plans on doing something she’s never done before — eating her own placenta.

Reportedly beneficial in combatting postpartum depression, putting the nutrient-rich organ back into her body was a no-brainer for the Stern Show staffer. “My husband will bring the cooler down to the placenta woman, she will pick it up, and she will prepare the placenta how I want it,” she told Howard on Tuesday. “Ideally, I would love to do chunks for a smoothie.”

After Sal Governale noted he found the practice to be “gross,” his judgment was swiftly called into question.

“He doesn’t even fucking know what a uterus is,” Sam dismissed before speaking directly to her colleague. “You have eaten probably more gross shit on a daily basis.”

“You were just eating cake out of Richard’s ass,” co-host Robin Quivers added.

A former nurse, Robin gave Sam her full support. “I do not think it’s crazy at all … this is ancient medicine,” she declared. “The poisons they give to people now, the poisons in our food, the toxicity in our air … we need to get more natural, we need to be more of the Earth.”

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