VIDEO: Samantha Fontana Asks Ronnie Mund ‘How Big Is Your Penis?’

“I’ll say it’s average,” the 73-year-old staffer responds, “A little over 6 inches”

June 15, 2023

Whoa, whoa, whoa – measure the c-ck?

On Wednesday, Samantha Fontana went where few Stern Show staffers have ever dared to go—into Ronnie Mund’s pants. Well, not literally, but Sam did daringly ask her co-worker an intimate question. “You’re so sexed up, you have such a great sex life for your age. I gotta know: how big is your penis?” she asked, later adding, “We’ve talked about Ronnie’s childhood, his asshole – everything – but we’ve never talked about how big his penis is.”

“Why you so worried? Why you so curious?” the 73-year-old responded before letting out an amused chuckle.

“Ronnie has that look like a lion that just spotted a gazelle,” Howard remarked.

Sam assured Ronnie she wasn’t flirting. “I’m an investigator,” she said.

“I’ll say it’s average,” Ronnie responded. “A little over [six inches].”

Howard was quick with a follow-up question: “How about girth?”

Though Ronnie had never measured his penis’s circumference, he made a circle with his fingers to give an approximation.

Sam looked satisfied. “I got my spank bank material for the night. Thank you, Ronnie,” she joked.