Chris Wilding Recounts His Short-Lived South Beach Romance With Jorge

“This guy looked like an 11,” Chris says, “He was just adorable”

June 19, 2023
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Chris Wilding mixed business with pleasure recently by wining and dining a hot Latin man while the Stern Show was broadcasting from Miami. On Monday, he came on the air and told Howard all about his experience.

“This is one of the most intimate things I’ve ever done for the show,” Wilding revealed.

Chris’s search for love began with him and colleague Wolfie canvassing South Beach for a gay man interested in getting together with Mr. Wilding. The first few fellas he spoke with were straight, but that didn’t slow Chris down. “I wish I could bang you, man. You’re super hot,” he told one disinterested man.

Chris’s luck changed after he met Jorge, a hot 27-year-old Latin man. “This guy looked like an 11,” Chris said of the “gorgeous” and “well dressed” guy. “He was so cute. He was just adorable.”

The two agreed to meet up for a sushi dinner, but Chris told Wolfie what he really hoped to get from Jorge was just dessert. “I am quite pent up and I am horny,” Chris told him.

Jorge was over 30 minutes late for the date, but Chris wasn’t turned off. The two fed each other sushi, talked dirty, and gave each other intimate massages at the dinner table before enjoying a make-out session on the moonlit beach.

“He was like one of those guys who sucks your face off,” Chris recalled of the experience, adding, “I had a great time with him. I had feelings for him — I really did.”

“So, what happened with this guy?” Howard asked.

“There were definitely plans to meet up again … We were talking about getting together for my birthday,” Chris said but explained all that changed after Jorge watched a Stern Show clip of Chris kissing co-worker JD Harmeyer on the air (below).

“He said to me, ‘You lost a great person because of this kiss. Have a nice night. I’m very disappointed,’” Chris said. “I haven’t heard from him since. He won’t take my phone calls.”

“It’s a bummer,” Wilding concluded.

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