VIDEO: Sour Shoes Finally Contacts the Stern Show After 3 Years Away

“His re-appearance is as mysterious as his disappearance–I mean nothing is clear,” Howard says after Wack Packer checks in as Richard Simmons and Scott Ferrall

June 13, 2023

In the two decades since Sour Shoes made his Stern Show debut, the Wack Packer has impressed with his many impressions and skills as a musician. But he’s also been elusive and hasn’t been featured on the air since 2020. “I have three different numbers for him, and they’re all blocked,” staffer Derek Jones reported to Howard on Tuesday. “He’s been claiming for the last three years that the trees have fallen down and knocked out the phone lines at his house, like somehow the phone company hasn’t come for three years.”

The Wack Packer did recently touch base with Derek for an update, but only in his impressions of Richard Simmons, former Howard 101 sports talk host Scott Ferrall, and a baby. “His re-appearance is as mysterious as his disappearance, I mean nothing is clear,” Howard said of Sour, who revealed he works part-time at McDonald’s as well as helps some unknown clients fill out their income tax forms.

“Would you take your tax forms to Sour?” co-host Robin Quivers wondered with a laugh.

Derek also revealed how Sour Shoes at one point was trying to get a job at a radio station but struggled to land anything. “He was doing Zoom interviews, but he could never make it past round one because he was doing all the interviews from his pool,” he explained. “You should at least have a shirt on when you’re trying to get a job in radio.”

As Howard was giving an update on Sour, the Wack Packer actually called into the show four times, but never stayed on long enough with the phone screener to connect. “It’s like one of those kidnapping movies,” Derek joked. “They need to hold the line for a little while so they can trace the call.”