AUDIO: ‘Robin Quivers’ Dispenses Inspirational Advice and Sings Dirty Song Lyrics in New Phony Phone Call

“Everyone smiles in the same language,” the Stern Show co-host says before singing 2 Live Crew

June 12, 2023

Few people have moved more listeners over the years than Robin Ophelia Quivers, so on Monday morning Howard honored his co-host with an all-new phony phone call. “She inspires millions of people every day with her attitude and her wisdom,” Howard said, revealing the back-office staff “chopped up” some of her most memorable commentary and used it to call into a spiritual internet show. “You were a big hit,” he told Robin.

The call started off pleasantly enough. “Everyone smiles in the same language,” “Robin” told the hosts, adding, “Like gravy on a biscuit, it’s all good.” But things took a turn after she began singing sexually explicit songs. “Face down, ass up—that’s the way we like to fuck,” “Robin” bellowed as the host quickly hung up.

So, “Robin” called the show back. “Asshole!” she yelled as they hung up on her again.

“Insanity,” the host lamented before ending the show to tend to his garden.

The real Robin was amazed by host’s reaction. “He was speechless,” she laughed, adding, “I knew when I was asking to sing it was going downhill.”