VIDEO: JD Celebrates Pride Month by Kissing Chris Wilding

“[It’s] being an ally, solidarity, that sort of thing,” Stern Show staffer says of gesture

June 8, 2023

When Stern Show staffer Chris Wilding noted Wednesday morning that he would kiss JD Harmeyer to celebrate Pride Month, he had no idea his co-worker would actually be open to it. “I’ll give him a peck,” JD revealed. “[It’s] being an ally, solidarity, that sort of thing.”

“JD, you are a real friend to the gay community,” Howard marveled.

Before things got too heated, JD listed several stipulations. “You’re not going to caress my head … I’m not going to chub up,” he insisted to Chris. “There’s no top, there’s no bottom … I just want to do the peck and get it over with.”

Once the two staffers locked lips, JD was quick to give feedback on the experience. “You fucking had an open mouth, man,” he complained before expanding. “It was fine … it’s just weird that it was you.”

“He pushed me away because it got real,” Chris joked.