PHOTO & VIDEO: Tan Mom Introduces Wolfie and Chris Wilding to Her New Beau

Try to spot the Wack Packer sitting on her couch in this photo

June 6, 2023

Tan Mom may be one of the world’s most recognizable Wack Packers, but good luck spotting her when she’s sitting on a brown leather couch.

It all started after Patricia “Tan Mom” Krentcil told Stern Show correspondent Wolfie that she’d begun dating a new fella. They started seeing each other over four months ago but apparently still haven’t had sex — or made soup, to borrow the Wack Packer’s popular euphemism.

“We have not consummated the soup, but we definitely opened the can,” Tan Mom’s guy told Wolfie on the phone.

Wolfie had more questions than answers at this point, so he and staffer Chris Wilding traveled down to Florida to chat with the happy couple. Unfortunately, that was no easy feat. For starters, the beau told Chris to call him Craig — or maybe Greg — while Tan Mom called him Cole. Wolfie said the situation was as confusing as it sounded. In fact, he wasn’t sure the gentleman they met was the same guy he spoke with on the phone.

Just finding Tan Mom proved difficult at times, as she had become so tan in recent years that she completely blended in with her brown leather couch.

“Oh my god!” co-host Robin Quivers exclaimed after seeing the photo (above) of Tan Mom lying on her couch between Wolfie and Cole. “You cannot make her out, There’s three people sitting on the couch, but when you look you only see two people … and then all of a sudden you realize the couch has hair.”

“Someone could invade her house and she’ll just sit on the couch and never know she’s there,” Robin added with a laugh.

“She’s like the Predator,” Wolfie agreed.