Video: Record-Setting Skydive Ends With a ‘Baba Booey’

Stuntman Luke Aikins didn’t use a parachute, but he did end his jump with a shout-out to the Stern Show

More than one million people were watching on Saturday as Luke Aikins jumped out of an airplane, landed in a net, and said "Baba Booey" on national television. While that net luckily caught Luke, viewers might not have caught his shout-out to the Stern Show. Fast forward to 5:35 in the video above, though, and you can clearly hear the Hollywood stuntman wrap up his post-jump speech with a Booey bomb.

Luke's parachute-free skydive was the first of its kind, not only for him but for all men brave enough to jump out of a plane. He fell from 25,000 feet, plummeting safely into a strategically placed 100-by-100-foot net suspended 200 feet off the ground.

"It's incredible … this thing that just happened," Luke said in addition to his Baba Booey drop. "The words I want to say, I can't even get out of my mouth."

Watch the jump and the Booey bomb in the video above.