Video: Sir Patrick Stewart Cast as ‘Poop’ in ‘The Emoji Movie’

“We're playing [it] very upper crust,” says director Tony Leondis

January 19, 2017
Photo: Starz

Shakespearean actor Sir Patrick Stewart will be playing a literal pile of poop in Sony’s upcoming “Emoji Movie.” While the casting rumor had been floating around since the teaser for the animated film dropped in December, the news wasn’t confirmed until this week:

Stewart is a revered actor who, in addition to starring as Captain Picard on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and Professor X in several “X-Men” films, has played kings and emperors on stage in the Royal Shakespeare Company. But the 2015 Stern Show guest is also known for lending his regal name and voice to a variety of offbeat projects, including “Ted,” “Robot Chicken,” “American Dad,” and his recent Starz series “Blunt Talk,” to name just a few.

“We’re playing Poop very upper crust,” director Tony Leondis explained at a Sony Animation event this week, according to iO9. “In our movie, he’s the one that makes the [poop] jokes and doesn’t know he’s doing it. And who better to play a posh and classy emoji than Sir Patrick Stewart?”

T.J. Miller, Ilana Glazer, and James Corden also star in “The Emoji Movie” alongside Maya Rudolph, Rob Riggle, and Steven Wright, who voices the “meh” emoji in the previously released teaser trailer.

Check it out (below).

“The Emoji Movie” hits theaters Aug. 4

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