Crazy ‘Love’ Turntable Actually Revolves on Your Records

The Kickstarter-backed product flips the concept of playing vinyl

February 2, 2017
Photo: Love

It may be rooted in a fondness for the classic, but the recent vinyl resurgence has also inspired some innovation. Case in point: Love, a reinvention of the turntable.

While 99.9 percent of all turntables to this point in history have operated on the same basic premise of a needle following the grooves on a spinning record, Love reverses the concept, with the device spinning on the stationary record. The invention also brings turntables into the digital age with Bluetooth connection and a feature that allows track skipping via infrared sensor on the bottom side of the Love player, which assigns each song a track number and sends it to the app. Technology similar to that of Shazam then figures out the name of each tune.

“Love was born out of frustration,” Love founder CH Pinhas told Wired. “I thought the experience should be simpler.” The combination of user ease and vinyl-caliber sound quality could make the Love a godsend for LP fans.

Love is now raising money on Kickstarter. Read more about how it works here.

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