VIDEO: Watch Kate McKinnon Transform From Jeff Sessions Into a Mermaid During a ‘SNL’ Commercial Break

“Saturday Night Live” behind-the-scenes footage shows comedian undergo a rapid makeup change on a recent episode

March 21, 2017

There’s more to “Saturday Night Live” than just jokes.

NBC’s long-running sketch show published behind-the-scenes footage on Monday showing showing cast member Kate McKinnon undergoing a rapid physical transition during a short commercial break on the March 11 episode, which also marked Scarlett Johansson’s fifth time hosting.

The video starts with McKinnon in character as Attorney General Jeff Sessions and ends with her in character as “Shud the Mermaid.” However, what’s truly remarkable is the transformation in between, during which “SNL” makeup and wardrobe specialists change McKinnon’s clothing and prosthetics faster than a NASCAR pit crew changes tires.

Check out the video (above).

“Saturday Night Live” returns to NBC with an all new episode on April 8, along with host Louis C.K. and musical guest the Chainsmokers.

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