VIDEO: Marilyn Manson Is a Hymn-Singing Hitman in ‘Let Me Make You a Martyr’

“You ever kill a man with your bare hands?” asks the rock star and longtime Stern Show guest

May 12, 2017

It only takes singing a gospel song to make Marilyn Manson truly terrifying in the trailer for “Let Me Make You a Martyr,” an upcoming indie thriller about adult siblings seeking revenge against their abusive father.

“You ever kill a man with your bare hands?” his character Pope asks in the opening seconds of the forebodingly-scored trailer, cut mostly from a single scene. The longtime Stern Show guest plays a stoic hitman and toys with his soon-to-be mark while riding around in a car.

Written and directed by Corey Asraf and John Swab, the film co-stars Mark Boone Junior (who played Bobby on “Sons of Anarchy”), Niko Nicotera (who has appeared on “Gotham”), and Sam Quartin.

Though Manson is best known as a musician, he also boasts an impressive acting resume, including roles in the films “Lost Highway” and “Party Monster” as well as on the final season of FX’s biker series “Sons of Anarchy,” during which he played a white supremacist.

Manson told Rolling Stone it was actually his friend and former co-star Boone Junior who ultimately led him to this film. “Mark brought me into the project,” he said. “He’s sort of my unwanted mentor. He tells me what to do. He’s always encouraged me, but he’s very bossy about it. He says things like, ‘You gotta do this, motherfucker. You’ll like this.'”

“Let Me Make You a Martyr” hits select theaters in May before debuting June 6 on demand.

Check out the trailer (above).

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