VIDEO: See 3 ‘Price Is Right’ Contestants Win Record-Setting $80,000 During Showcase Showdown

Game show awards extra money in honor of Drew Carey’s 10th anniversary as host

September 25, 2017

They came (on down), they spun, they conquered.

Last week “The Price is Right” awarded a record-setting $80,000 in just a few minutes to three contestants who took the Showcase Showdown wheel for a series of incredibly fortunate, increasingly improbable spins.

Part of the reason the prize totals were so high is because the spins paid out more than usual in honor of Stern Show guest Drew Carey’s 10th anniversary hosting the long-running game show, currently entering Season 46. So, contestants who scored exactly one dollar were awarded a $10,000 prize instead of the standard $1,000. Two of the three contestants even managed to take their winnings to the next level by spinning a dollar for a second time to net an extra $25,000.

The consecutive big-dollar wins amounted to the most money ever given away on the Wheel, according to the the clip’s caption. Watch the high-stakes drama and the winning contestants’ wild celebratory dances for yourself (above).

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