VIDEO: Check Out Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder's Final 'Hunger Strike' Performance

Watch the late rock legend team up with the Pearl Jam frontman to sing the 1991 Temple of the Dog single

Rock icon Chris Cornell's tragic and unexpected passing last week has spawned several heartfelt tributes, including one from the King of All Media himself. It has also shone a spotlight on many of the legendary vocalist's more riveting performances, like when Chris and his fellow grunge pioneer Eddie Vedder sang "Hunger Strike" together for the final time (above).

It happened during the 2014 Bridge School Benefit in Mountain View, Calif., where their bands Pearl Jam and Soundgarden were both scheduled to perform. During Pearl Jam's performance, and much to the crowd's delight, Eddie revealed Chris was waiting in the wings backstage. The audience roared as he coaxed Chris out and then cheered even louder when the familiar riff of their hit 1991 single "Hunger Strike" kicked in.

Check out Eddie and Chris's stirring rendition of "Hunger Strike," which Chris penned for Temple of the Dog's only album (above).

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h/t: Rolling Stone