VIDEO: DC Comics’ Robin Gets Vulgar and Violent in ‘Titans’ Official Trailer

“F-ck batman,” the Boy Wonder exclaims in the teaser

July 19, 2018

There’s more to the DC Comic’s universe than Batman, Superman, and their Justice League super friends—at least if the new trailer for DC and Warner Bros. Television’s live-action series “Titans” is to be believed.

The promo (above) centers on Batman’s infamous sidekick Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites), a.k.a. Robin, and a magic-wielding heroine named Raven (Teagan Croft), two integral members of the DC supergroup Titans. From “Supergirl” to ”Gotham” and everything in between, DC currently has several tonally different superhero shows on the air but perhaps none so gritty as “Titans.” In the trailer alone, we see the Boy Wonder get half naked, kill criminals, and yell out, “Fuck Batman!”

“Titans,” along with “Swamp Thing” and “Harley Quinn,” premieres later this year via DC Universe, a new members-only streaming service providing access to DC shows, comics, and films. Renowned comic book artist, DC Entertainment Chief, and noted Stern Show celebrity superfan Jim Lee spoke about “Titans” and DC’s new service on Thursday at San Diego Comic-Con.

“‘Titans’ was the biggest franchise that had yet been adapted to other media,” Jim said. “We saw that this was something that fans would obviously love to see. Obviously, the Teen Titans are a very beloved franchise. ‘Swamp Thing’ represents horror. We wanted to have different tonalities in the programming.”

As Stern Show fans no doubt recall, Jim and fellow comics luminary Brian Michael Bendis collaborated with Howard earlier this year for a fan giveaway in honor of Superman’s 1000th issue. In doing so, Jim and Brian opened up about not just the Man of Steel’s contributions to the world of comics but also Howard’s.

“It’s amazing to know there is a kindred spirit in Howard—a true fan who read and loved superhero comic books as a kid and embraced them later as an adult—and did so unapologetically way before superheroes became the popular, pop culture defining phenomenon they are today,” Jim said.

“Titans” debuts in 2018. Watch the trailer (above).

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