VIDEO: Russell Brand Talks Divine Power, Global Cabals, and a Much Needed Payday in New Stand-Up Special

Comedian and Stern Show guest’s “Re:Birth” arrives Dec. 4 on Netflix

November 28, 2018

Russell Brand is back and ready to impart some divine wisdom upon his fans.

The actor, comedian, and repeat Stern Show guest’s new stand-up special “Re:Birth” hits Netflix next month, and the newly released trailer (above) reveals Russell’s reasons for returning to the stage include both changing the world for the better and “getting paid.”

“If we can … connect to one another truthfully there is a divine power that will be unleashed with which we can change ourselves as individuals, society, and maybe even the world,” he begins (above). “That’s the main reason I came in, but I gotta be honest there is a financial component to it.”

“Turns out if you spend all your time criticizing all media, it is quite difficult to make a living in media,” he continues.

Russell has joined the Stern Show several times over the years to discuss not only his career and relationships but also his evolution as a human being. During a 2014 visit, he and Howard even shared a memorable conversation about the benefits of Transcendental Meditation. “I’m trying to move toward the part of me that’s sensitive and gracious,” Russell explained at the time.

“Russell Brand: Re:Birth” goes into labor Dec. 4 on Netflix. Watch the official trailer (above).

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