VIDEO: George Clooney Stars as Parade-Obsessed World War II Officer in Darkly Comedic ‘Catch 22’ Teaser

Hugh Laurie, Kyle Chandler, and Christopher Abott co-star in the six-part Hulu adaptation, premiering May 17

February 12, 2019

George Clooney shines a spotlight on the nightmarish absurdity of war in the first teaser for “Catch-22,” the actor, filmmaker, and 1998 Stern Show mystery guest’s upcoming six-part Hulu adaptation of Joseph Heller’s classic novel of the same name.

In addition to directing and executive producing, Clooney co-stars on the World War II-set series as Lieutenant Scheisskopf, a stark raving mad military commander who is obsessed with parades. He, along with Colonel Cathcart (Kyle Chandler) and Major de Coverley (Hugh Laurie), serve as three strange yet potentially deadly thorns in the side of the story’s protagonist Captain John Yossarian (Christopher Abbott), a bombardier reluctant to give his life for the job.

“It doesn’t make a difference who wins the war to someone who’s dead,” Abbott’s character explains over an increasingly preposterous montage of patriotic training exercises, screaming soldiers pushed beyond the brink, and incompetent military leadership.

“Catch-22” premieres May 17 on Hulu. Watch the teaser (above).

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