VIDEO: Robert Downey Jr. Reinvents a Classic Film Character in Official ‘Dolittle’ Trailer

Remake featuring Stern Show regular roars into theaters Jan. 2020

Robert Downey Jr., who just sat down with Howard in Hollywood and discussed life after Iron Man, now stars in the trailer for "Dolittle," his first post-Marvel project.

From the get-go, it's clear this is not Eddie Murphy's "Doctor," as Robert's updated version has a much more adventurous side, not to mention an Irish accent.

In a tropical and vivid universe brimming with talking animals, including parrots, polar bears and giraffes, Dolittle's ability to communicate with non-humans is as strong as ever as he interacts with them in both friendly and not-so-friendly circumstances. Toward the end of the film's first trailer (above) Dolittle comes face to face with a vicious tiger who greets him with, "hello, lunch" before lunging right at him.

“Dolittle” hits theaters Jan. 17.