VIDEO: ‘Alex Jones’ Confronts Jimmy Kimmel Live in the Stern Show Studio

“I’ve had a lot of bone broth this morning,” a satirized version of the “Infowars” host explains

Late-night star Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t the only guest to join the Stern Show on Monday. “Infowars” architect “Alex Jones” also connected with the show to share a few Jimmy-related conspiracy theories.

Before “Alex” got down to business, Howard and co-host Robin Quivers remarked the “Infowars” host seemed to be in rare form.

“I’ve had a lot of bone broth this morning,” “Alex” explained, adding, “It is so good. It’s loaded with Vitamin R.”

“Alex” proceeded to unleash a rapid-fire rant about Jimmy’s real reasons for visiting New York before teasing his upcoming book.

The segment had both Jimmy and Howard in stitches. “The video element is great,” Jimmy said through laughter.

Watch the full video (above).