VIDEO: Woody Harrelson Welcomes Billie Eilish to Her First Day at ‘SNL’ School in Season Premiere Promo

Stern Show veteran Harrelson and musical guest Eilish open ‘Saturday Night Live's’ 45th season this weekend

"It's my first day at 'SNL'," singer Billie Eilish thinks to herself in the promo for this weekend's 45th season premiere of "Saturday Night Live." Luckily, repeat Stern Show guest Woody Harrelson is there to show her the ropes in this school days-inspired video clip (above).

"I hosted '89, '92, aught '14, so I know my way around this place," a skateboard-wielding Harrelson brags.

"That's cool, I was not alive for most of that," the "Bad Guy" singer replies.

What follows is a barrage of cast appearances including "new guy" Kenan Thompson, cast president hopeful and newly promoted Heidi Gardner, Weekend Update anchors Michael Che and Colin Jost as delinquents, and impressionist Melissa Villaseñor, who just wants a chance to audition for host or musical guest duties.

The 45th season of “Saturday Night Live” premieres on NBC Sept. 28 at 11:30 p.m.