VIDEO: John Turturro Steals Jon Hamm’s Car and Eats Dinner With a Naked Pete Davidson in ‘The Jesus Rolls’ Trailer

“The Big Lebowski” spinoff co-stars Bobby Cannavale, Audrey Tautou, Susan Sarandon, and J.B. Smoove

February 6, 2020

Jesus Quintana—John Turturro’s zany character from the Coen Brothers cult classic “The Big Lebowski”—bowls again in the new trailer for the upcoming crime comedy “The Jesus Rolls.”

Directed and written by Turturro himself, the clip begins with Jesus getting released from prison and immediately returning to his home away from home, the bowling alley. He soon pairs up with fellow misfits Petey (Bobby Cannavale) and Marie (Audrey Tautou), and the trio embarks on a freewheeling joyride filled with petty crime, romance, and getting shot at by Jon Hamm.

In addition to being an unofficial spinoff of Jeff Bridges’ “Big Lebowski,” “The Jesus Rolls” is billed as a remake of the 1974 French classic “Going Places.” The star-studded 2020 version also features Christopher Walken, Susan Sarandon, Tim Blake Nelson, and Stern Show veterans J.B. Smoove and Pete Davidson, the last of whom spends part of the trailer dining half-naked.

While Pete didn’t mention a predilection for chowing in the buff during his 2018 Stern Show debut, the “Saturday Night Live” star did open up about one time turning down a meal with Hollywood icon Jack Nicholson because he was afraid he might make a bad impression. “I can’t live with Jack Nicholson hating me,” Pete told Howard. Watch a clip from their sit down (below).

“The Jesus Rolls” rolls into theaters and on demand on March 6.

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