VIDEO: Marc Maron Jokes About the Apocalypse and Marvel Movies in ‘End Times Fun’ Trailer

Stern Show veteran and “Glow” star’s latest stand-up special debuts March 10 on Netflix

February 26, 2020

Marc Maron isn’t afraid to tell jokes about the end of the world in the official trailer for the comedian, “Glow” star, and podcast host’s new Netflix stand-up special “End Times Fun,” arriving in March.

“The reason we’re not more upset about the world ending environmentally is I think all of us in our hearts really know that we did everything we could,” the Stern Show veteran says (above). “Right? I mean, we really did. We brought our own bags to the supermarket … Yeah, that’s about it.”

Maron also shares comedic insights about everything from life before cell phones and the importance of taking turmeric to vaccinating children against measles and even comic-book movies. “It should be recognized that the story of Jesus and the Marvel universe: created in Jewish writers rooms,” he jokes. “My impression of Jewish creativity: ‘Keep making shit up that they like, so they don’t kill us.’”

Marc similarly covered a variety of subjects during his 2013 Stern Show debut, opening up to Howard about several aspects of his career. Watch a highlight from Marc’s sit-down with Howard (below).

“Marc Maron: End Times Fun” debuts March 10 on Netflix.

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