VIDEO: Michael Cera Sweeps Amy Schumer Off Her Feet With Rabbit Liver in ‘Life & Beth’ Trailer

Michael Rapaport and Yamaneika Saunders co-star on the upcoming Hulu series

February 10, 2022

A trip down memory lane proves to be a source of trauma, comedy, and progress in the new Amy Schumer series “Life & Beth,” premiering next month on Hulu.

The actress, comedian, and repeat Stern Show guest stars as Beth, a New Yorker whose life appears pretty darn good on paper, from her comfortable career as a wine distributor to her good-looking and successful long-term boyfriend. But when an incident forces Schumer’s character to look back at her teenage years, she must reevaluate who she’s become, who she wants to be, and what steps she’ll need to take to bridge that gap.

The flashback-filled trailer (above) shows Beth drinking bad wine, joylessly clubbing, and lamenting her life choices to her doctor before finally breaking up with her boyfriend (Kevin Kane) and driving to the countryside where she sparks up a romance with a farmworker (Michael Cera) who feeds her rabbit liver and woos her in unexpected ways.

“Life & Beth” co-stars Yamaneika Saunders, Violet Young, and Stern Show regular Michael Rapaport. The series was directed, written, and executive produced by Schumer, who sat down with Howard most recently in 2020 while quarantining at home with her husband and new baby. Howard and Robin even got to meet the littlest Schumer live on air. Check out the introduction in the video clip (below).

“Life & Beth” arrives March 18 on Hulu.

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