VIDEO: Amy Schumer Drops Sick Promo for Upcoming Comedy Special ‘Growing’

Stern Show guest’s new stand-up special arrives March 19 on Netflix

March 13, 2019

Actress, comedian, and expectant mother Amy Schumer is eager to show fans she’s turned over a new, more genteel leaf in the latest promo for her upcoming comedy special “Growing”—unfortunately, her message keeps getting sidetracked by accidental vomit.

“I’m here to promote my Netflix special and to officially tell you I’m done being dirty. That’s right, I’m done saying dirty things and it’s not who I am anymore … I’m feeling super blessed,” she says … just before throwing up.

Amy continues playing the clip straight while vomiting more and more. She summarizes her evolution as a comedian—“I’m just no longer amused by gross-out humor”—just before unleashing her biggest wave yet.

“Growing” was filmed in Chicago during Amy’s recent stand-up tour and teased previously in a trailer which focuses heavily on her pregnancy, wedding, and new husband. The latter two topics were also covered during Amy’s 2018 visit to the Stern Show. She spoke to Howard about the ceremony at length, sharing details about everything from her guest list to the toast delivered by actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Amy Schumer’s “Growing” debuts March 19 on Netflix.

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