Newly Unbanned Bobo Outed for Asking Other People’s Questions

“It’s kind of interesting but he’s taking all the credit for it,” ghostwriter says of longtime caller using his material

April 27, 2022
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When Bobo recently came back after a three-month ban from the Stern Show it was a triumphant return, with the longtime caller even earning small praise from co-host Robin Quivers and Wack Packer Mariann from Brooklyn. But the celebration was short lived after Bobo was accused on Wednesday of taking questions from other listeners without giving them proper credit.

“I just never had the time or the courage to call in so I would start throwing topics over to Bobo’s way,” a caller admitted to Howard on the air. “Every now and then I’d hear my topic on the air, and I thought, ‘Hmm, it’s kind of interesting but he’s taking all the credit for it.’”

“You’ve just lit a bomb off,” a shocked Howard responded before noting it was a peculiar assertion. “Taking credit for Bobo’s questions is like bragging about being Gary’s pitching coach—it’s maybe something you don’t even want to take credit for.”

“We’ve got to do something,” Mariann, who was tasked with working with Bobo on his calls, urged. “I want him to give up his Cameo. I want him to be off until September, I don’t want him back.”

Bobo eventually called in to defend himself, though he didn’t deny any of the claims. “Some of them I use, some of them I don’t … He didn’t want credit,” Bobo said of his ghostwriter. “I come up with 99 percent of my content … I’ve been calling your show for 30 years … no one ever called in and said, ‘Oh, he took my question.’”

“Every time you come on the air, Bobo, you claim that you crafted your questions, and you look in your book,” Mariann responded in disgust. “You are a liar.”

More Wack Packers called in to suggest Bobo’s latest punishment, each one more severe than the other. “Bobo went behind Mariann’s back,” High Pitch Erik pointed out. “Bobo should be banned for four months.”

“Bobo should be banned ‘til the end of your contract,” Jeff the Drunk said before defending his own controversial calls. “I don’t have people writing for me.”

“Keep that motherfucker banned for life,” Ass Napkin Ed insisted.

Ralph Cirella, who gave Bobo his original three-month sentence, took issue with the caller being allowed back in the first place. “He was supposed to change the names on his social media accounts … and he never did that,” Howard’s stylist said. “He shouldn’t even be on the air.”

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