VIDEO: Bobo Returns to the Stern Show After a 3-Month Ban

“I guess he had 3 months of not being told his questions suck … and he wants more of it,” Howard laughs

April 26, 2022

Bobo was hit where it hurts in January after being suspended from the show for trying to quit the Wack Pack, but on Tuesday morning the disgraced longtime caller was finally permitted to make his Stern Show return.

“It’s time,” Howard said. “I guess he had three months of not being told his questions suck and his questions are awful, and he wants more of it.”

Bobo’s road to redemption was paved with speed bumps, however. Before being allowed back on the air, he trained with fellow frequent caller Mariann from Brooklyn on asking better questions. He tried out a few practice calls on her about dull topics ranging from dinner-guest documentaries to a Simon Cowell injury, and Mariann did not hold her tongue when offering her critique. “I would think that’s a shitty question to come back [with],” she said of the latter.

“You’re 100 percent on the money,” Howard told Mariann after hearing how she coached him up. “It’s like ‘My Fair Lady’ for [Bobo]’ … ‘My Fair Moron.’”

Bobo eventually came up with a question Mariann didn’t hate concerning Rob Zombie’s upcoming “Munsters” adaptation. “Do you prefer black-and-white like the original or would you prefer color?” he’d asked.

“I think that’s a good question,” Mariann responded.

Co-host Robin Quivers was impressed, too. “Will Mariann keep working with him because I think she was getting somewhere?” she asked.

After no further ado, Howard welcomed Bobo back onto the live show.

“Hey now! How you doing there, Howard?” Bobo said, barely pausing to breathe. “I have this question I crafted and, Howard, this pertains to you. Not every photographer can draw at all, but you have mastered this really well. So, would I be correct in saying that your love of photography has helped you elevate into becoming an accomplished artist?”

“I zoned out,” Howard admitted, adding, “Bobo, it’s good to have you back. Listen, I’m sure there were people out there who missed you, and now you’re back on.”

“It wasn’t easy with my banishment from the show. I felt like a fish out of water … Mentally, it was the toughest thing I had to go through,” Bobo responded shortly before firing off more inane questions about time machines and Chris “Mad Dog” Russo.