VIDEO: Pitbull Dances With Howard, Drank Tequila With Jordan, and Shared Hair Tips With Travolta

Multi-platinum recording artist also talks politics, the music business, and encouraging John Travolta to shave his head

May 2, 2023

No Miami house party is complete without an appearance from Pitbull, who stopped by SiriusXM’s South Beach studio on Tuesday and graciously welcomed Howard to the 305 area code. The chart-topping rapper and tireless entrepreneur didn’t just sit for an interview with Howard, either — he also stood up and shared a few of his favorite dance moves.

“Dancing is everything. I try to tell people, ‘You don’t have to know how to dance … Whatever the beat is telling you to do, do it,’” Pitbull told Howard at one point. “So, when I’m on stage I’m losing my mind.”

Howard admired how smooth Pitbull looked whenever he was dancing on a boat or a stage, but the rapper credited his Miami upbringing. “We grew up on bass music – we call it booty shaking music,” he said, explaining he’s been practicing since second grade.

That’s when Howard ditched his chair and attempted to replicate one of Pitbull’s signature dance moves.

“There you go. You gotta get it!” Pitbull told him before standing up himself and showing Howard a few pointers. “Get it, Howard! You’re doing good, man,” Pitbull continued as his chart-topping club anthem “Fireball” played on in the background.

“Oh shit, I’m out of breath,” Howard said with a laugh.

Hair/Off With John Travolta

In addition to getting loose on the SiriusXM dance floor, Pitbull discussed his philosophies on politics, education, and the music business (“it’s 90 percent business; 10 percent music”) before revealing he once encouraged Hollywood superstar turned close friend John Travolta to shave off all his hair.

“He asked me if he could shave his head, and I said, ‘Why not? Absolutely,’” Pitbull recalled, explaining his conversation with the “Face/Off” actor occurred as Pitbull was cementing his handprints outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. “He came out to speak on my behalf. What an honor, right?”

“Now I know what I’m going to look like when I get older,” Pitbull joked.

The two brothers in baldness got so close, Pitbull asked the actor to star in his “3 to Tango” music video. “I love to sit with him and just have conversations [about] everything he’s been through in life. It’s amazing advice,” the rapper told Howard. “[It’s] powerful and priceless to be able to hang out and shoot the shit with Travolta.”

Fast Cars & Slow Drinks With Michael Jordan

Pitbull’s entrepreneurial reach knows no bounds, from the vodka line he reps (Voli 305) to the NASCAR racing team he co-owns with driver Justin Marks.

“I love it,” the 42-year-old rapper and businessman said of their team, Trackhouse Racing. “My story is the ultimate negative to positive [and] NASCAR is a negative to positive. It started with bootlegging and moonshine.”

“Do you love cars?” Howard asked.

“No, I love the underdog fighting spirit of what it is to be a part of a NASCAR team,” he responded.

When it comes to fighting spirit, few possess more than Hall of Fame basketball player Michael Jordan. Like Pitbull, Jordan owns both a racing organization (23XI Racing) and a liquor brand (Cincoro Tequila). And when the two ran into each other at a recent NASCAR race in Homestead, Fla., Mr. 305 recalled getting the chance to try Jordan’s “amazing” tequila.

“I go to take a shot of it — because that’s what I got taught how to do with tequila — and he stopped me and said, ‘No, you don’t take a shot of it. You sip that,’” Pitbull recalled with a laugh. “I said, ‘Alright, Mike. No problem.’”

What happened next?

“Let me tell you — I didn’t take the shot, I did sip it, and I got fucked up,” Pitbull said. “I guess he knows what he’s talking about.”

Growing Up Around Miami Vices

In some respects, Pitbull has turned negatives into positives since day one. His mother used cocaine when he was born and while she nursed, but Pitbull managed to find the silver lining. “I was born with cocaine in my blood,” he told Howard. “[Now] I’ve got a whole lot of energy,” he added with a laugh.

Miami was rampant with hard drugs in the 1980s, as seen on “Miami Vice” and in Brian De Palma’s acclaimed gangster film “Scarface.” Pitbull grew up idolizing Tony Montana, the Cuban-American drug kingpin played by Al Pacino, but his mother — who herself dealt drugs at the time — encouraged him to look up to Sosa (Paul Shenar), the film’s urbane and uber-wealthy villain. “That’s old money, sophisticated money [that] figured out how to grow,” he recalled his mom saying.

“She lived [that life] with my father,” he continued, adding, “They dibbled and dabbled in a lot of extracurricular activities. I’d call them entrepreneurs before their time.”

Pitbull dabbled in some of those extracurricular activities himself in his younger days, but after working hard and catching his break he managed to leave that lifestyle behind. “Music was truly my savior,” he said. “It’s the same hustle, the same grind, just a different product.”

Pitbull Loves America

Pitbull’s love for his birthplace extended far beyond the borders of Dade County. The rapper also praised America both for welcoming in his parents — who were forced to flee communist Cuba — and for giving him the opportunity to make the most out of his own life.

“That’s what this country is about. The United States of America was built by immigrants,” he told Howard.

“Any opportunity I get, I make sure the United States of America stays the United States of America, and not the divided states of America,” he continued, explaining his goal is to bring people together without wading too deep into politics. “I call it poli-tricks,” Pitbull continued. “I only deal with politicians when I need to and, more than anything, that’s education in the schools.”

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