VIDEO: Howard Sounds off on Frenzy Over Solar Eclipse

“It’s so stupid … it gets dark and then it’s not dark — that’s it,” he tells co-host Robin Quivers

April 3, 2024

Up to a million spectators are expected to flood New York’s Niagara Falls alone in order to fully experience the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8 — but Howard won’t be one of them. “I’ve lived now many, many decades and I don’t think once I went out and looked at a solar eclipse,” he told co-host Robin Quivers Tuesday morning. “It’s just a complete waste of time.”

The second to hit North America in seven years, a total eclipse is when the moon completely covers the sun, resulting in it casting a shadow over the Earth. But between state of emergencies being declared, school closings, flight delays, and constant news coverage, Howard thinks the frenzy is unwarranted.

“It’s so stupid … it gets dark and then it’s not dark – that’s it,” he complained. “They don’t even cover the war in Ukraine like this, which is something important.”

Watch more of Howard’s thoughts (above).

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