Ross Zapin Finally Met Bruce Springsteen … and Asked Him a ‘Ridiculous’ Question

“That’s something you ask like the 11th time you meet Bruce,” Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate says of his friend and fellow Springsteen superfan

April 1, 2024

SiriusXM executive Ross Zapin is such a diehard Bruce Springsteen fan that he’s traveled all over the globe to see him in concert and is even known to hold up homemade signs with song requests. But when Ross at last met the Boss backstage in Las Vegas with rapper Flava Flav recently, he brought up something peculiar — the rock legend’s use of a hearing aid.

“You’re the biggest Bruce Springsteen fan, you finally get to meet Bruce Springsteen, which is a billion to one, you’re alone with him in a room and you ask him about his hearing aid?” a baffled Howard wondered on Monday. “Why didn’t you ask him about the best dietary supplements for his osteoporosis?”

“That’s something you ask like the 11th time you meet Bruce,” Stern Show executive producer and fellow superfan Gary Dell’Abate said of his friend’s question.

Calling in, even Ross knew he made a major misstep. “I shit the bed on this one,” he admitted to Howard. “I should have been emotional about it and really from the heart told him what he meant … I went a total 180 and I went to a place that was just totally ridiculous.”

Despite Ross’ admission, Howard couldn’t completely let his friend off the hook. “You could have said nothing and it would have been a thousand percent better,” he remarked. “If you should ever meet Bruce Springsteen again, please tell him you love him.”

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