Goodbye Sugerman

January 11, 2005

Howard said goodbye to ex Doors manager Danny Sugerman, who recently passed away from lung cancer. Both Howard and Robin said Danny used to smoke so much it was like cigarettes were a permanent feature of his face. Howard said Danny used to come on the show all the time and Howard had warned him he’d get lung cancer if he kept smoking like that. Howard said Danny used to get tons of hot chicks and was hooked up with Fawn Hall and Melissa Gilbert to name a few.

Gary thought Danny had a bit of an attitude when he came on the show?too much attitude for a guy whose first job was opening the mail for The Doors. Howard said Gary used to open mail for him, (he still does), but hasn’t been able to parlay that into any management gigs. Bong Hit Eric called in a little later to do a special hit for Danny. Before he did the official Sugerman hit, Eric did other bong hits while talking to Howard. Eric said he was saving some special weed for the hit for Sugerman, something he called Northern Lights #3. Artie said he knows this sounds crazy, but he’s really jealous of Bong Hit’s life. The guy worked for 10 years, made a little money, and now sits around smoking and hanging out all day.

Eric is 34 and agreed he doesn’t really do much anymore. He’s going grocery shopping today and sometimes while he’s shopping he’ll stop and do whippets by the whip cream aisle so he can shop high. Eric then took a big hit for Danny and started to cough badly. Howard said he doesn’t know why, but he loves listening to guys destroy themselves.