Happy Birthday Howard!

January 12, 2005

That’s right, today is Howard’s 51st birthday and Howard said he was pretty bummed out by that. He said he’s realizing just how much of an adult he is now and is wondering if he should start acting more like one. Robin told him not to and that he should just continue to be himself. Howard said that he hates making a big deal out of birthdays but girls like to.

He said that Beth Ostrosky was all excited this morning and said happy birthday but before that Howard hadn’t even thought about today being his birthday. Tom gave Howard his first on-air gift of the morning – a gift certificate to the restaurant Beacon that Tom loves. Howard said he appreciated it. Robin kept trying to make Howard say his age and at first he said 43, then mumbled that he was 51. Robin then hounded him to say his real age and the age he just pretended to be. Howard joked that he was starting not to like Robin and wanted to find a way to suspend her too. Robin just laughed at that.

Howard was bummed out because he knows how unattractive a 51 year old woman can be and wonders if he’s that unattractive to women now. Everyone said that guys are different though and they can still be old and attractive. Howard tried to cheer himself up by saying that 51 is the new 31 anyway.