Kelly Ripa Sends Howard Wine

January 14, 2005
Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Kelly Ripa sent Howard two bottles of wine for his birthday and while he appreciates that, he has no place to put it. Everyone must assume Howard drinks wine all the time because he keeps getting it as a gift. Wood Yi got him a bottle of wine this year and so did Jeff Schick and Dr. Sal Calabro, who gave him an entire case of it. Howard said he has nowhere to store all this wine and had to go out and get one of those special wine coolers. Howard knows people are into wine and they are always yelling at him for storing it wrong or not opening it at the right time, but Howard doesn’t know the difference.

Artie said he has buddies that pretend to know about wine because when they are eating out, they do that thing where they sniff the cork, take a sip of wine and then tell the waiter it’s good, (like they know). Howard said you have to do that when you’re out and he does it all the time too. He always says the wine is good though and has never sent a bottle back. Howard said his agent has though because he’s all into wine.

Robin said in the movie “Sideways” the Paul Giamatti character plays one of those guys who is very much into wine and is always swirling it, blowing air into it, smelling it and commenting on it. Robin said it’s really obnoxious, but she realizes she does the same thing! She is guilty of doing those gay moves too. Gary said he doesn’t know anything about wine either and one time, one of his friends who did know wine yelled at him for leaving an $800 bottle of wine just lying around. Gary said he had no idea it was worth that much and even worse, he still has no idea who gave it to him. Howard suggested he write the name of the person who gives him the wine on the label so he remembers.