Page Sixty Nine: Stern Show Gossip From Off the Air

Howard recounts a disturbing story involving Sal Governale

January 20, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard pointed out a new feature on called “Page Sixty Nine”. It’s the show’s version of “Page Six” from the NY Post written by Will Murray and Jason Kaplan. They are basically reporting on some of the funny and weird gossip and events that happen off the air.

Howard said he had a good story for Page Sixty Nine. He said that Gary Dell’Abate told him of a weird incident he had with Sal the Stockbroker the other day. They were both in the men’s room peeing when Sal started to talk to Gary, looking him right in the eye, about his uncircumcised penis. He said that Gary didn’t realize how hard it was to have an uncircumcised penis because you have to really wipe it down after every time you pee.

Gary said he was really uncomfortable hearing about Sal’s penis while they were standing next to each other peeing and Sal had his penis in his hand. Gary said it’s one thing for Fred Norris or someone to talk about their uncircumcised penis on the air, but it’s totally different off the air and in the bathroom.