Artie Returns

February 1, 2005

Howard said he had a really frantic day yesterday with so much to do he couldn’t get it all done. He had some contractors up at his place to do renovations and when they showed him the estimate it was so high he freaked out. He said it was all he could think about last night going to sleep. Howard said he didn’t know if he was being taken for a sucker or not.

Artie said that the final cost always ends up being higher than the original so it would end up being really expensive. Robin welcomed Artie back to the show after calling in “sick” yesterday. Artie said he really was sick and stayed in all weekend. He didn’t even go to the party he was supposed to with Dana on Friday night. Howard said he was sorry to hear that and believed him, but yesterday we all thought he was laying it on thick when he called in. Howard said he coughed every few seconds like he couldn’t control it.

Artie claimed that was because he couldn’t! Artie hadn’t heard his own message so Howard played it for him. Howard then played a bunch of bits based off of Artie’s message, like one where Sal the Stockbroker used his message to call out of work at a Deli and then Fred played it with Babe Ruth’s final speech. Artie said if he had to be compared to anyone he’s glad it was Ruth. A caller named Sue wanted to know if Artie could call in sick for her at work. Artie joked that he should start a business called “Celebrity Call in Sick for Me”. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out Artie’s new DVD “It’s the Whiskey Talking“!