New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick Called In, Despite What Some Listeners Believed

Coach phones in after winning another Super Bowl

February 8, 2005
Photo: Landmark / PR Photos

On Monday, three-time Super Bowl Champion coach Bill Belichick called in. He granted Howard a rare interview because he’s such a huge fan of the show and because Howard knows the Krafts, the family that owns the Patriots.

A lot of listeners thought Bill was being voiced by the show’s L.A. correspondent, Gary Garver. Howard wondered who even knew what Garver sounded like? Co-host Robin Quivers said he certainly doesn’t sound like Belichick. That aside, Howard assured everyone it was really Coach Belichick who called in and that he really was a fan of the show.

Howard only wished he had more time to interview the coach. He would have asked him if he felt he had to be a good football coach because his dad was one. He wondered what kind of pressure that put on him.

Howard then read some emails from listeners doubting they’d heard the real Belichick. One guy said if that was really Belichick, then he’s the Queen of England. Robin informed the listener he was now the Queen of England.