Courtney Love Passes a Message to Howard

Rocker has a roundabout way of getting word to the King of All Media

February 16, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Rocker Courtney Love found a strange way to pass along a message to Howard.

She wanted to let him know that all her legal troubles were over, but despite Howard giving her his personal number on several occasions she didn’t call him at home. She didn’t call him at the station either. Instead, apparently thinking that he was already at SIRIUS, she called over there on a Saturday and searched the voice mail directory for Howard’s name.

Obviously she couldn’t find it, so she left a message for someone named “Stedbeck,” which may have been the closest name to “Stern” she could find. She left a message for Howard on Stedback’s voicemail saying she wanted him to be one of the first people to hear the news and then talked about her new music. Howard said the strangest part of this whole incident is that the message actually got to him.

Courtney did it in a roundabout way, but it actually worked because SIRIUS sent him the message. Co-host Robin Quivers thought that’s how a lot of things in Love’s life work out for her.