Eric the Jet Setter

February 18, 2005

Eric the Midget Actor called in today with what he said was a big announcement. Before he made his announcement, Howard said he heard that NBC’s show “American Dreams,” which Eric recently made an appearance on, had been canceled. Eric said the last he heard was that it wasn’t officially canceled, but it didn’t look good.

Eric then told Howard his big news. He said that the producer of American Dreams called him up and invited him to the show’s rap party coming up. Howard wanted to know if that was it. Eric said no, the exciting part was that Kelly Clarkson might also be at that party since she was on the show this season. Howard suggested that Eric try to put a move on her. He then told Eric that he has a big announcement too, he might play cards Monday night. Eric said he’s never invited anywhere so this is a big deal for him. He said he called the show because we were partially responsible for this happening to him. Howard and Robin both questioned the “partially” part. Howard thought that he might be more like 100% the reason Eric got on the show. Artie joked that maybe the show was being canceled because Daphne Zuniga was high on mercury.