February 23, 2005
Morgan was first up to bat. Each girl got five pitches from Artie to try to score as many points as possible. There were lines on the floor to designate foul balls, singles, doubles, triples and home runs. Singles score 1 point, doubles 2 points, etc. Howard said foul balls would be worth half a point. The girls couldn’t use their hands and could only swing their hips to hit the ball. Morgan’s at bat went pretty quickly because she failed to connect on any pitch. She had done much better during her practice session in the hall and Gary said she choked under the pressure. Sylvia was up to bat next and she slammed a double on the first pitch! She hit a single right after that, but didn’t score any more points. Artie said she had very good hand-penis coordination. Artie also wasn’t sure whether or not to be turned on or freaked out by the sight of a hot girl swinging her strap on around. Christine was next up and hit a foul ball on her first hit. She then hit a double and was only half a point behind Sylvia with three more pitches left. Unfortunately, she failed to connect on any more pitches and Sylvia won the game 3 points to Christine’s 2.5 points. Sylvia said this was her best birthday ever and Howard warned her to not ruin her body by going too big. He said she should stick with B’s, but Sylvia said she’s probably getting C’s. Howard said as long as she doesn’t get D’s, she should be ok. Christine kept offering to do things – like make out with a girl – to get the breast implants, but Howard told her unfortunately, there has to be losers in games or else they are meaningless, (although, Howard did give Morgan and Christine $500 each). Sylvia promised to come back and show off her new boobs once they’re done!