The Most Dangerous Man in America

March 2, 2005

Howard read a disheartening article about how Senator Ted Stevens (R) from Alaska wants to introduce legislation that would enable the FCC to regulate paid cable television and satellite radio. The news reports that Howard played regarding this story all mentioned him as part of their stories, as if the legislation would affect him and only him. Howard pointed out that if the government regulated cable and other pay services it will affect shows like “The Sopranos” and “The L Word” and Chris Rock’s stand up routines. Not to mention the fact that just about any form of media people buy would fall under government control, like books, magazines, newspapers, etc?

But the narrow news reports portray legislation like this as being only about Howard. Howard said he does believe though that the only reason Senator Stevens is even looking into this issue is because Howard is going to SIRIUS. Howard said that they were never looking to regulate cable and satellite before until he announced he was going over there. Robin said the government should drop all of their pretenses and just make laws singling Howard out. They can come up with Howard Stern laws and just target him specifically. Howard said the way the government is carrying on you’d think he was the most important person in the country. He said that the government seems ready and willing to destroy the 1st amendment just to go after him. He said his psychiatrist is always telling him the world doesn’t revolve around him but when reports like this come out it’s hard for Howard to believe otherwise.