Even Powell Sides with Howard on FCC Rules

March 4, 2005

A day after Congressman Joe Barton appeared on the Neil Cavuto show on FOX News to say he would like the FCC to expand their control over cable and satellite TV and radio, departing FCC Chairman Michael Powell publicly disagreed with him.

Also appearing on Cavuto, Powell said that regulating those mediums for content is probably not even constitutional, plus since people are paying for those services they know what they are getting into. Howard said at least it looks like Powell read the Constitution, which is more than he can say for Barton or the Alaskan Senator who supports the same expansion of FCC powers. Artie said he can’t even believe we’re having this conversation because the notion of censoring a paid service is ridiculous. Howard says he knows this became an issue only after he announced he was moving to SIRIUS.

He said Clear Channel and probably some other broadcasters are leaning on the conservatives to push this bill through because they are scared of Howard going to satellite. He’s also heard some very weird rumors about the personal lives of some of these congressmen. He’s not sure if their true yet, but if they are, they would be very embarrassing to certain people.