Eric the Actor Calls in With a New Segment Idea

Wack Packer gives movie criticism a go

March 4, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Actor (a.k.a. Eric the Midget) called in with a new segment idea he had for the show.

Howard said his phone connection was really bad and he could hardly hear him. Eric doesn’t speak that loudly in the first place and with a bad phone connection it was doubly hard to hear him.

Eric wanted to do entertainment reports during the news. He had something prepared about movies opening this weekend and wanted to read it. Howard thought they were reviews, but Eric hadn’t seen the movies yet. He was just reporting on what was opening. Howard said he’s pretty sure he could open the paper and do that himself. Howard wasn’t even sure he wanted to hear Eric do his reports because his phone line was so bad. Besides, he’s supposed to be Eric the Actor, not Eric the Movie Critic. Howard said once Eric becomes a critic, it will be hard for him to be an actor. Howard said we’d have to call him the Lil’est Critic and Artie Lange suggested the Creepy Critic.

Howard told Eric to go ahead with his prepared reviews, but it was almost impossible to make out what Eric was mumbling. Something about something being no. 1 and trying to take over the old no. 1. No one could follow what he was saying.

Howard started doing an impression of what Eric sounded like to him over the phone. He said if he does do this feature with Eric we’ll have to get him a better phone. Howard told Eric if he does get this gig, he might have to review a few gay porn movies as well. Eric didn’t seem too thrilled with that idea.