Howard’s New Sidekick

April 19, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

It was announced yesterday that SIRIUS Satellite Radio has signed Martha Stewart to her own channel. Howard brought this up because for some reason his name was mentioned in every single news report about the Stewart deal. Howard said the media almost made it seem like he and Stewart were going into business together. Howard played a few of the clips and they all said something along the line of how he and Stewart will be working together and “teaming up.” Howard said he has no connection with Stewart going to SIRIUS but thinks it’s a great move because he’s a fan of hers. Howard even admitted he reads her magazine and likes it. Robin pointed out that this was on top of admitting a few weeks ago that he’s a fan of Oprah’s magazine and goofed on him for being into girlie rags. Howard said he thinks that they should give everyone a show over at SIRIUS. Howard for one said he’d love to hear Robert Blake or OJ Simpson do a radio show.