Robin Quivers Has Trouble Getting Into Ronnie Mund’s Limo

April 25, 2005

During the commercial break Robin went down the garage to attempt to get in Howard’s new limo. She called into the show on the cell phone but couldn’t get into the car because Ronnie wasn’t down there yet.

Gary said that Ronnie was giving him a hard time about going down to the car because he didn’t want to participate in what he was calling “This clown show”. Howard said he’s paying for both Ronnie and the car to be here right now and Ronnie better go down and unlock it!

Ronnie showed up shortly after and Robin tried to get in the car. She had trouble getting into it without her skirt riding up so everyone could see her panties and she ultimately had to kind of throw herself into the car and down on the seat. She had even more trouble trying to get out of the limo and almost fell out of it.

She had to go back in and try again. Ronnie accused her of being over dramatic and he went in and out to show how it could be done. Robin reminded Ronnie that he isn’t in a skirt and that’s not the same thing.

When everyone came back upstairs Jason Kaplan made the point on the air that Ronnie got into the car using the step and kind of ducking in, but Ronnie is about a foot shorter than Howard and there is no way that Howard would be have been able to get in like that.

Ronnie came back into the studio yelling and Howard said that Jason looked like he just freaked out because he didn’t expect that reaction from Ronnie. Ronnie yelled at Jason to let this conversation die, it’s over!!

Even Jeff the Drunk tried to get in on the Ronnie bashing, but Ronnie turned it around on him and asked if Jeff moved into his new trailer yet? Jeff hasn’t yet and Howard said that he feels bad for Jeff’s mother, because Jeff still lives with her and he isn’t even working. Howard told Jeff to get a job and help his mom out. Ronnie called Jeff a bum who should straighten his life out