April 25, 2005
Gary revealed that there was a staff member who was mad at Howard and wanted to confront him about it on the air today. Howard guessed it had to be Ronnie the Limo Driver and was right. Yesterday, E! Producer Doug Goodstein had arranged a car to bring Beth and Bianca over to the studio for the Richard Christy makeover, but didn’t keep the guy there to bring her home. Howard said she wanted to go home after the segment ended and overheard Ronnie yelling at Doug because he had to drive her. Beth felt bad about putting Ronnie out and Ronnie apologized for yelling like that. Howard and Ronnie then got into it about the new car Ronnie ordered for him. During the original discussions with the limo builder back in December, Howard had promised he’d go sit in the car before it was finished to make sure everything’s ok. They wanted to avoid the “S.S. Mund” disaster which happened with the “luxury yacht” Ronnie got for Howard last time. However, right now Howard is too busy to go all the way down to Brooklyn to do this. Howard wants to get rid of the huge monstrosity really badly and he can’t wait for the new car to be delivered. Ronnie said they’re busy building other cars so they’re a little backed up. Howard told Ronnie to have them truck it into the city on a flatbed so he can sit in it if he really thought it was so important. Ronnie wanted to know why Howard is going back on his word and said that anybody who orders a custom limo has to go and test out a car before they buy it to make sure it feels right. Ronnie gave up and said he couldn’t deal with it anymore. Howard told him he should see the movie “Driving Miss Daisy” before he comes in to yell at him again. Stay tuned for more – I highly doubt this is the last we have heard about the limo saga…