All Aboard! Howard’s Parents Board the ‘SS Mund’ And Aren’t Impressed

Howard and Ronnie get into it on air discussing the massive truck Ronnie is currently using for transport

April 25, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard took his parents to dinner last night in the ‘SS Mund’ for the first time.

Howard said both his parents had trouble getting in and out of the ‘Mund.’ Howard decided he really does want to change cars. Ronnie Mund came in and asked if Howard is ever going to stop with this?

Ronnie said a lot of people like the car and that he still wants to make improvements to it. Ronnie said he took the truck to Scores the other night when Howard was done with it and everyone there liked it. He said he brought a bunch of the girls inside and they were taking pictures and stuff.

Howard was not pleased that Ronnie invited these girls into the limo, but Ronnie told him he was just saying that to aggravate Howard. Howard said he was plenty aggravated enough already.

Ronnie tried to argue that Howard’s parents didn’t have any problems with the car, but Howard said they just didn’t want to say anything because they are scared of Ronnie.

Howard got his dad Ben Stern on the phone and he said that the car was hard to get in and out of. He said the car has a step, but the step is way too small for his size 13 shoe to get all the way on it. And once he gets on foot on, he then has to swing his other foot all the way around to get in and that is hard to do.

Mr. Stern said at one point he fell to his knees trying to get into the car. He said the main problem getting out were the steps, as well. He said you couldn’t walk straight out like you would on a bus because you have to hunch over and there is only one step there.

Ronnie said he appreciated Mr. Stern’s reasonable approach to the car and said he wanted to make changes to the car to help fix those problems but Howard wouldn’t let him. Mr. Stern said that he didn’t know about any changes, so he didn’t want to comment on them, but getting in and out of the car was not a good experience for him or Howard’s mom. Howard said that his mom was literally crawling into the limo. Ronnie started to argue with Howard but Howard screamed it’s over and that he just wants a new car.