300,000% of Wendy – is a Lot

300,000% OF WENDY - IS A LOT

April 27, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Hook Nose Mike, who usually only has insults for everyone, seems to have a sweet spot for Beth O because he couldn’t gush more about how great Beth sounded. This prompted Howard to give a very heartfelt thank you to the cast and crew and especially the listeners. Howard talked about how we were all one big family and always wants the best for his family and that he hoped we were all able to stick together in the coming year. Wendy the Retard called in to change the mood. Wendy said she needed help buying a new kitchen for her mother. When pressed, she really needed $50 for a new stove, (who knew they cost so little). Howard gave Wendy $500 courtesy of the movie, “Darkness.” Then Wendy got angry about the FCC and told Howard that she was 300% – no wait, 300,000% – behind Howard in his fight against them. Howard asked Wendy to get naked, dance for everyone and then rub the phone on her thighs. With this image burned in our minds, Howard pledged to make the WendyCam a reality in the new year. Be sure to check back often for updates.