Serrano Defends Howard

May 2, 2005

Congressman Jose Serrano of NY openly and vehemently defended free speech on the floor of the House the other day. Howard played some audio of Serrano addressing the new chairman of the FCC, Kevin Martin.

Serrano said that it’s either a huge coincidence that the FCC is looking into whether or not they can exert their power over satellite radio only after Howard announced he’s going there, or it’s a witch hunt. Martin said that it wasn’t a witch hunt but the FCC is still looking into the possibility of regulating satellite radio, even though he admits it would raise serious constitutional issues. Serrano pointed out that to listen to satellite radio you have to buy the equipment, sign a contract and pay a monthly subscription, so you know what you are getting into and it shouldn’t be regulated. Howard said he loved listening to Serrano talk like that and called him the greatest congressman ever. Howard then said that if Serrano walked into the studio right now he’d kiss his balls, which prompted Robin to point out how gay that made Howard sound.