They Report, They Decide

May 2, 2005

Howard and the gang came back from a week off and right off the bat Howard started talking about the Runaway Bride story that happened over the weekend. A woman from Georgia disappeared a few days before her wedding and everyone thought she had been kidnapped. Then she called the cops to tell them that her captives had let her go, but it turned out to be a big lie. She admitted that she got cold feet and just ran away. Howard said the story was kind of interesting but what he found to be the oddest thing was the way the FOX News channel reacted to the hoax.

They had been following the story while she was “missing” and said very nice things about her, but the facts came out they right away started screaming for her to be put in jail. Howard said that Fox doesn’t know anything about this girl and for all we know she could be mentally ill. Howard saw one interview where the FOX reporter was practically hounding a sheriff to put her in jail even though the sheriff said she wouldn’t be facing any charges. Howard said that if this was Rupert Murdoch’s kid they’d never advocate jail for him, if they even reported the story in the first place. Artie said the bride is guilty of nothing but entertaining us all weekend.